MR – Lymphography

Imaging of the the lymphatic system is difficult. For a long time, lymphatic imaging was limited to the invasive conventional lymphography. J. Arrivé, pioneer in this field from Paris invested significant times towards developing a protocol for MR lymphography. With his scientific work and the help of the radiologist Luc Rothenberg, Carola Bussard our radiologist started to establish the MR Lymphography service at UZ Brussel.

MR Lymphography is a useful tool to evaluate patients with primary lymphedema, or after injury of the lymphatic vessels due to cancer therapy, radiation or accidents (secondary lymphedema). Furthermore, we try to localize lymphatic channels for lympho-venous anastomosis.

We us a protocol, based heavily on T2-weighted fast spin-echo sequences with MIP reconstruction. This technique is noninvasive and it allows adequate evaluation of the lymphatic system.